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On the Front Lines Plutonium Metal The First Gram

and plutonium are far denser than the slag and should therefore naturally coalesce into a single molten globule of metal at the bottom of the crucible. Dick Baker’s group at Los Alamos used this “stationary bomb” approach. But the first batches of plutonium compounds would be very small indeed. The

Chapter 4 Plutonium Processing at Los Alamos

Chapter 4: Plutonium Processing at Los Alamos One of the important early roles of the Los Alamos laboratory was the processing of the newly created and largely unknown material plutonium (Hammel 1998). The assignments taken on by Project Y . 4 Slag, contaminated crucibles, etc.

Characterization of Plutonium-Bearing Wastes by

different plutonium-containing solid wastes were characterized, including incinerator ash and ash heels from Rocky Flats Plant and Los Alamos National Laboratory; sand, slag, and crucible waste from Hanford; and LECO crucibles from the Savannah River Site.

Pyrochemical recovery of plutonium from calcium fluoride

The plutonium-bearing slag is crushed and melted in the presence of at least an equimolar amount of calcium chloride and a few percent metallic calcium. The calcium chloride reduces the melting point and thereby decreases the viscosity of the molten mixture.

Furnace slag can dilute and stabilise plutonium wastes

Engineers have developed a way to reduce the volume of some higher activity nuclear wastes, an advance that could reduce the cost of interim storage and final disposal. The researchers, from Sheffield University’s Faculty of Engineering, have shown that mixing plutonium-contaminated waste with blast furnace slag and turning it into glass reduces its volume by […]

IP-2 Package Containing Plutonium Contaminated Slag

The slag pots belonged to Outokumpu a steel company based in Sheffield. During use, sampling indicated a high level of plutonium in the form of Pu 238 was present in a slag pot. Further sampling identified that 4 slag pots were contaminated with Pu 238 and required disposal. The source of the Pu238 contamination was believed to -

Decontamination of transuranic contaminated metals by

 · However, the effects of slag weight and com- TABLE 1 Distribution of Plutonium in the Bulk and Surface of Metals Contaminated with 500 ppm (Wg/g) Metal Plutonium, ppm (Aglg) Weight Temperature Plutonium Metal (g) Bulk Surface Ratio" Mild steel 300 1600 0.25 535 2130 Copper 300 1150 0.40 16,000 39,900 Aluminum 100 800 5.40 18,300 3390 Stainless .

Ores NuclearCraft Wikia Fandom

Plutonium is a rare nether ore that is also extremely useful for fission. Mining Plutonium will normally yield 1 small pile of Plutonium-239, or it can be silk-touched to double the output with a crusher. Silver is used for making RTG's, Solar panels, and empty capsules.

Recovery of Plutonium from Slag and CrucibleUNT Digital

Slag and crucible can be dissolved satisfactorily by the Los Alamos method of total dissolution with nitric acid in the presence of aluminum nitrate. Extraction of 99% of the plutonium from total dissolution salted with aluminum nitrate was achieved by three successive contactings with 1/10 volumes of 30% TBp- AMSCO 125-90W. The TBPAMSCO phases contacted with leaching solutions salted with .

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A. Sand, Slag and Crucible Sand, Slag and Crucible (SS&C) residue results from the chemical reduction of plutonium tetrafluoride to plutonium metal using calcium metal as the reductant (4). The byproduct is a calcium fluoride slag. The reduction occurs in a magne-sium oxide crucible that cannot be …